LA Day 1. Travel Day

Today was really just a travel day but it was jam packed with some pretty awesome stuff. For the past several months one thing that I have been adamantly been praying for was for a prime opportunity to minister to whoever it was that I was sitting with on the plane. Im not really sure why that was a big desire of mine but It’s something that I really wanted to happen. I guess because I can be socially awkward in certain situations. Especially if I have to sit shoulder to shoulder with somebody I don’t know. When I checked in to my flight yesterday the American Airlines app gave me the opportunity to select/purchase a seat. There was 1 aisle seat all the way in the back that was available to purchase for 10 dollars. I pushed that button so fast. I knew that no matter who I sat next to at least it would be just one person instead of two.

As I boarded the plane I was still in adamant prayer for who I would be sitting by. As I approached my row I could see who it was that I would be sitting next to. I saw a little girl, maybe 5 years old and her mom was sitting next to the window. I automatically felt peace about the situation and just felt that God had given me something I had been praying for all along. It literally didn’t take 30 seconds before me and the little girl were talking. She was showing me how to buckle up and the best spot to place my bottled coke. She seemed like she was a pro. We soon got on the conversation of Action movies because there was an Aquaman poster in the seat pocket in front of her. She whispered to me, “I wish it was Marvel, Marvel is so much better.” I told her I happened to agree and her and her mother asked me if I had seen the new Avengers movie. I told them I had and the little girl said, “And you don’t recognize my face?’ I had no idea. But after a few minutes she told me she was the little girl who played Morgan Stark in the new Endgame Movie. Whaaaaatttt??????

After we talked movies for a little bit the plane was soon off the ground and conversation stalled for a bit. I had so many things I wanted to ask and say (and somehow begin a conversation about faith and God) but I knew they were tired and probably ready to sleep. It was a 5 hour flight so I knew there would be opportunity.

There were a couple of times during the flight that I heard her mom talk about God and praying to her and I could tell she was very intentional with keeping her faith at the forefront of her conversation with her daughter. It opened up a door for me to start a conversation with her about living a faith based life in an environment such as Hollywood. We had some really good conversations and I even had the opportunity to pray with them for a friend of theirs who was battling some sickness.

It was such a great experience being able to fly with that family and there is honestly a lot more to talk about in regards to it. Lexi and I ended up playing games the whole flight and messing around on snapchat. But they were such a sweet family and I believe we were able to encourage each other in our faith through our conversations and interactions.

I later had the opportunity to pray for a woman on the plane that was dealing with a potential life threatening complication. There is much confidentiality there but I’m believing the Lord has healed her and will allow her to continue to pursue the career that she is evidently passionate about!

Last night we were able to meet up with out friend Joanna at the Dream Center for the students night of worship. Honesty after a long day of travel the last thing that I wanted to do was engage in a 3 hour worship set but boy was I glad I did.

My flesh started to manifest after about the first hour but I decided to keep pressing through. It was amazing watching this group of young student leaders pursuing the presence of the Lord the way that they were. I was reminded that this is the generation that will be the catalyst for the next big revival in out country. Just watching these students gave me encouragement and honestly empowered me to make sure I leave something behind for them to truly build upon.

These are the students that I will be working with within the city of LA this week and I couldn’t be more pumped to work with them. From what I saw last night they are passionate and hungry to see the Lord move in their lives and in their city. I know they could have kept going for hours last night but my body was done! It’s going to be an awesome week! I’m ready to share more with you all in the days ahead!

I usually tend to take more time writing thoroughly and editing but I’m seriously going to be on the go all week so you’ll have to excuse my “draft-like” posts 🙂

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