LA Day 3

Today we had half of a day to continue exploring the city of Los Angeles. We checked out of our AirBNB and drove out to Venice Beach. We tried a couple of coffee shops today and walked the boardwalk at Venice.

We were able to check into the Dream Center where will be spending the next 5 days doing outreach. We heard a lot of testimonies of some of the staff here and have already met some people who we are going to be working with this week.

It’s encouraging being around a group of people that you can tell are so passionate about being the hands and feet of Jesus to the city of LA! We also got to finally catch up with our friend Joanna who is on staff here at the Dream Center.

Not too much today other than just settling into our quarters and getting acquainted to the facilities we will be at.

We did drive through skid row last night. Skid row is a 54 block area in the downtown portion of LA that draws a majority of the city’s homeless population. Around 18,000 people deal with homelessness in this part of LA. It was heart wrenching.

As we drove we saw rows of tents. Piles of cardboard boxes and numerous people with limited amounts of clothing on their bodies. I’ve seen people who deal with homelessness but nothing like this.

This week we will have the opportunity to minister to many areas in LA including this one. Pray for us. Last night as we drove through I legitimately thought I would fear for my life if I were to walk through this particular area. I believe the Lord is going to move through all of us in a mighty way this week and we will see transformation happen in these poverty stricken areas.

It’s late and we have an early morning tomorrow! Will post again soon!

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