10 Things to Know About Sharing the Gospel

In the Modern day Church (especially here in America), we have somehow adopted the philosophy that sharing the gospel is no longer an essential part of our commissioning as followers of Christ. We have taken the term “personal relationship” too literally and now rather let people be and do their own thing. Many believers love that the Lord has restored their lives and that their eternal status has been secured. But we honestly lack the compassion for others to allow them to experience the savior the way we have.

I understand that we are in a day and time where tolerance and nothing else is expected. And while I’m not one to force feed my faith and beliefs down someone else’s throat, I do believe that it is a natural response to share the good news of Jesus when He radically changes a person’s life. We need a new urgency in today’s church to go spread the the gospel story.

Here are 10 quick points in regards to sharing the gospel. I just hope these are a good reminder that sharing the story of Jesus is our responsibility. I pray this gives you some extra equipping to do so.

1. Most non-believers are interested in having conversations about Jesus

While talking to strangers (especially non-believers) can be very scary, it’s important to know that most people like exploring topics regarding faith and religion. It’s very important for us to handle these conversations with understanding and grace so we don’t turn them off to Christianity. But just ask what people think about certain things they believe and you’ll find that you enter into many conversations where you are able to share the good news!

2. It’s really not that scary

Sure it takes courage and boldness but it’s not terrifying. Starting conversations regarding your faith can and will often stretch you out of your comfortable space, but it will always build confidence for future conversations. Don’t fear but be urgent in your opportunities to share your story of faith!

3. You don’t have to know all the answers

This isn’t an excuse for not being biblically sound, but people are okay if you simply don’t know an answer. If you are faced with a question you don’t know the answer to just admit it. It’s admirable to others for them to know you are still learning and you are willing to dig deeper to expand your knowledge. No one likes a know it all. So don’t act like you know it if you don’t;)

4. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

This is a famous John Maxwell quote but it’s very applicable here. When people see that you truly care about them and their well being they will be open to hearing what you believe and what you know. For far too long Christians approached evangelism with a non-relational mentality; People felt like part of an agenda when they were approached bout their beliefs. Building relationship and authentic connections is key.

5. Inserting Jesus into casual conversation is very effective

I may do a separate post on some practical things here but it’s actually simple to bring up your faith in everyday conversations. You don’t have to knock on doors to share the gospel. Knocking on doors can be very scary because its honestly not socially acceptable. Look for ways to make connections in your everyday convos to bring up the hope of Jesus!

6. It’s more than inviting people to church

Many churches just want you to invite people into the doors of the church and they will take care of the rest. There is so much responsibility on our shoulders to share OUR gospel story. I believe it is important to invite people to become activated in the local body but we carry more authority than that! Trust the Holy Spirit moving in your life to connect people to Jesus. Salvation doesn’t and shouldn’t wait until Sunday!

7. It’s more than salvation

Eternal life is a precious promise. But Jesus offers so much hope for us here on Earth. I have actually had a lot of success offering the hope of Jesus into people’s everyday situations vs. just proposing eternal life. People are looking for answers to things they deal with now. Jesus is the answer to those things. Offer that hope!

8. The Gospel is for believers as well

Everyone needs to hear the gospel story. When you prompt someone with a conversation to talk about Jesus to find out they are already a believer…keep going! Share an encouraging or prophetic word and remind them of what Jesus did for them. It’s a great opportunity to address identity and the power of prayer over certain things they are navigating through. The Gospel that saves us is the same Gospel that sanctifies us. The gospel story needs to be central to us all daily.

9. It takes practice

Just like everything else, sharing the Gospel is something that we continuously get better at as we do it. We learn things to say, things not to say and also techniques and situations that we have a natural effectiveness at. The only mistake that we can make is by not sharing when there is an opportunity. Make it a point to practice sharing the gospel. Do it often and take mental or physical notes of what you did well and what you can get better at. It’s helpful to journal your experiences:)

10. Always love people well!

Every opportunity is an opportunity to not only share the story of Jesus but to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Always be intentional to love people well when you speak with them. They may reject Jesus or the conversation about Jesus but it’s still possible to love them well. Rejection isn’t a dead end. Continue to build relationships with people, not because you have an agenda but because Jesus cares for that person more than you do. If they know you care for them they may come back to you one day and initiate a conversation themselves. Loving people the way Jesus does opens up these doors.

I hope this gives you something to use as you go about your day to day conversations. If you pray and look for them, there are always prime opportunities to share the story of Jesus. I pray for urgency in your life to do so! Love people well and go make disciples. The Kingdom is at hand! 🙂

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