Keeping Your Intimacy with the Father Intimate

I think we live in an era of communication where we feel like we constantly have to share what’s going on. Going to the gym? Post it on Facebook. Got a new ride? #InstaWorthy. I wont even start with SnapChat:) If something is happening, we have to tell the world about it!

I often feel that same way about us believers. I mean, does a morning devotion even happen if it’s not posted on our Instastory? Did we even go on that mission trip if we didn’t post 250 selfies with all of the little children?

Don’t get me wrong. I love that we have the ability and platforms to share the great things that the Lord is doing. I’m so glad that for the most part we use social media for positive things instead of negative ones. There has to be a line though. At what point do our intimate moments lose their sacred value?

I use to run to people when I would have powerful moments with the Lord. When He would give me great revelation or a prophecy I wanted to tell everyone I knew. But as I started sharing everything that happened in our secret place, I soon realized that they were no longer our secrets. Now everyone knew our business.

If the Lord is speaking to you in your prayer closet, I’m so excited for you! Keep listening and I know great things are going to come from those moments. Don’t feel like you have to share everything. If He said it, it will happen… and you certainly don’t have to keep up with anyone on social media!

You don’t run to work and tell everyone about the intimate moments you had with your spouse the night before do you? 😉 People will know that you spend time with the Lord. Your character will tell everything in time. Keep seeking in private and the Lord will reward you openly!

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