The Truth about Guilt and Shame

I had a dog several years ago named Bailey that I spoiled tremendously. I let her get away with just about everything. There were things that she knew she wasn’t allowed to do but I was very gracious to her for the most part.

One Sunday morning before church we were taking out the trash when we saw an elderly woman walking towards us on the street. Bailey was a friendly dog so I knew she was about to go greet this woman emphatically. Before I could grab her she was gone.

I saw fear on the woman’s face as Bailey quickly approached her. The lady turned and began to head the other way. Bailey finally reached her and started jumping on her with both front paws slapping her upper body and face. By the time I got there the woman was screaming and crying for her to stop. I grabbed Bailey quickly and headed back to the house. She knew I wasn’t happy. I told her in some pretty vulgar words.

When we got back I was trying to calm down. I began walking around the house while I cleaned and folded laundry. As I was moving around I noticed this little shadow walking behind me, wanting me to look at her. She had a pitiful, apologetic face. She was trembling because of how sorry she was.

I picked her up and I just cried with her in my arms. Instead of running away and hiding, she was looking at me wanting me to forgive her. So of course I did.

The first thing that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden was a place of shame and guilt. They noticed their nakedness because they ate of the forbidden fruit and their eyes were opened to see good and evil. They were confronted with their unholiness because their eyes were no longer fully on the Father.

As believers in Christ, we have been given the access to the Father that allows Him to remove our guilt and shame. If we fall into sin, we know that Christ is our advocate. Our sins are forgiven and tossed into the sea.

While many of us mess up and turn from God’s face, we should be looking right at Him so He can set things right in our hearts. Guilt and shame are lies from the enemy that trap us into believing that we aren’t good enough. They deceived us into believing we will never measure up to who scripture claims we have been made into through Christ.

We no longer have to walk in the shadows of guilt and shame. Christ came so we could walk in the light of truth and grace. Guilt and shame no longer have a stronghold on us because our sins have been forgiven and we have been made whole through the blood of Christ.

I encourage you to let go of any shameful or guilty places in your life. The Father loves you and He longs to correct those impurities within your heart. Look Him in the eyes and allow Him to forgive and sanctify you in the fullness of what Christ did on the cross!

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