Ryan and Brooke Adopt

Adoption is never a lighthearted decision. Many couples contemplate adoption but quickly realize that it’s not for them. Some couples on the other hand know that adoption is just right for their families and make the decision to begin that journey together. Ryan and Brooke are one of those couples who know that they were meant to adopt.

It’s an honor to be able to share a glimpse of their story on my blog. My hope is that you will share it as well. Somewhere out there, there is a mother who needs to know that a loving family, like Ryan and Brooke’s, would love to give their child love and hope for a promising future. Help me to share their story so maybe, just maybe, we can help them adopt the child who needs their love the most!

From Ryan and Brooke:

Dear Expectant Parents,

We are Ryan and Brooke and we want to thank you for considering us for your adoption! We have been praying for you. The emotions you must be experiencing are unimaginable and we want to praise you for your courage to consider adoption and choose life. We hope this letter will give you a glimpse into our lives and also allow you to see that your baby will be so welcomed into our loving family! We are beyond excited to continue to grow our family and to experience loving our next child as adoptive parents!

Ryan was born and raised in Georgia. He served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years, obtained a degree in criminal justice and currently serves as a K-9 deputy. He loves to work out and watch movies. On Saturdays during the fall you can find him in front of the television watching college football. He is kind, respectful, and is always cool under pressure. He can repeat any line from any movie and knows incredibly way too much about UGA Football!

Brooke was also born and raised in Georgia with one older brother. Brooke has been a registered nurse in labor and delivery for 8 years. She enjoys baking and snuggling under a blanket while reading a good book. She also loves gardening with her daughters Chloe and Anna Kate and relaxing on the porch with the entire family. She is very involved in church and has been on two medical mission trips to Haiti! Brooke despises anything pumpkin or mint-chocolate flavored. Her life would not be complete without coffee and chocolate.

We first met back in high school in our church youth group. We started dating in 2006, were engaged 2 and half years later and married in 2011. We have been together “for better and for worse,” through military deployments, college, careers, marriage and children. We don’t pretend that our life and marriage are perfect but we know we can handle anything together with Christ. Our family is the most important thing to us and it is always put first; ahead of careers and personal gain.

Chloe is our oldest daughter. She is 5 years old, very energetic and full of joy! She loves to dance, sing and currently loves princesses and Barbie dolls. She is very strong willed, smart and brings so much fun and laughter to our life.

Anna Kate is our littlest love! She is 3 years old and so very sweet! She is kind-hearted and loving. She is obsessed with baby dolls and will be the best big sister in the history of big sisters. She brings our family so much joy. Both Chloe and Anna Kate pray every night for their, “new baby boy or girl!”

We hope that this gives you a look into how important our children and our family are to us. Please feel free to follow us or contact us so you can get an even better idea of how perfect our family will be for your child. We promise to provide your child a loving, stable fun-filled home. We do not take this decision lightly. God has called us to adopt so we can show unconditional love to a baby who needs it the most and to show compassion to a parent in their deepest time of need. We are happy to have an open connection with you if you wish. We look forward to meeting you and we thank you again for considering us!


Ryan and Brooke

Ways to get connected with us:
-Email: ryanbrookeadopt@gmail.com
-Call or text us: 706.426.1897

Follow us:
-Facebook: RyanBrooke Adopt
-Instagram: ryanbrookeadopt

Please take the time to share this post on Facebook or whatever media sites you use. Let’s do what we can to help Ryan and Brooke in their adoption process:)

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