The Secret About Sharing Your Faith

Talking to other people about Jesus can be nerve wracking. I mean so much is at stake. What if you mess it up?

That’s honestly why 90 percent of people don’t share their faith. They don’t want to misrepresent Jesus or lead someone further away from the truth. That’s so admirable, but how could you make a poorer decision than not sharing the Gospel at all.

I just want to give you a little bit of relief. Here is the secret. Sharing your faith was never intended to rest solely on your shoulders. The decision others make to receive Christ actually has very little to do with you at all.

John 12:32 says this, “And when I am lifted up from the Earth, I will draw everyone unto myself.”

The Lord is knocking at every one of our hearts, even those who have yet to accept His free gift of reconciliation. In the sharing of our faith we are simply offering ourselves to the Lord to speak truth to the hearts of those that He has already been pulling on.

There is no way we can lose when we share the Gospel. Yes our words may be rejected and that’s okay, but in our obedience we plant seeds and expose the lost to the Substance of that pulling that they have been feeling on their hearts. The Lord wants to use us to introduce Him to others.

Please don’t take this commission lightly. There are broken people who need the source of hope that resides in you. Don’t be afraid to share the One who has transformed your life with others. Rejection is a small price to pay in building His Kingdom!

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