Tell Your Story

In a post-modern culture where we heavily embrace tolerance and acceptance, the motto “to each his own” has become an integral approach to others ideas and ways of living.

Are you into science? To each his own.

Homosexuality? To each his own.

Christianity? To each his own.

Do you have an intimate relationship with your car? weird…but to each his own. (I actually saw a television show where this was a reality for one man)

As Christians it’s pretty easy for us to sit back and let people just be who they are. We don’t want to shove Jesus down people’s throats so we lean to the other extreme and often fail to even share our faith with those in our non-christian circles.

I’m not an advocate for making people feel small for not believing what I believe. I do believe however that Jesus taught us to share our faith no matter the outcome. While we run our race in loving Him well, He expects us to be vehicles of spiritual transformation in the lives of those who don’t yet know Him.

In Luke chapter 8, there is a man who approaches Jesus who is possessed by multiple demons. This man was in a constant state of control by these demonic forces. He could not be constrained by chains or shackles due to the power and control they had on his body.

A herd of pigs was nearby and Jesus commanded that the demons flee and inhabit the herd of swine. After the demons had possessed the pigs, they stumbled down a steep cliff, fell into the lake and drown.

The man was amazed at what Jesus had done for him and he wanted to remain with Jesus and follow Him. Jesus told him to go and tell people what the Father had done for him. The man went back to his town and proclaimed the miracle that Jesus had done.

If Jesus has done a new work in your life, it is your responsibility and privilege to share with others the mighty power of God that changed you. There is power in your testimony. 1 Peter 3:15 instructs is to always be ready to give the account of hope that dwells inside us. Are you always ready to tell others the hope that Jesus has brought back into your life?

Jesus often urges us to go and tell our stories and the good news of Jesus Christ. People should know that the reason you are different than others is because you have decided to follow Jesus and have been radically transformed by His love.

He also warns us that we will face persecution for sharing our faith in Him. James reminds us in chapter 1 of his book that we are to consider it pure joy when we face persecution in the name of Jesus.

I encourage you to continue looking for opportunities to share your story of how Jesus transformed your life. Don’t be content with what He has done in just your life. He wants to use your story to create more stories and bring more people into the saving grace that you have experienced.

It’s okay to be tolerable of other people, but don’t let tolerance paralyze you from being the catalyst for spiritual transformation that God has designed you to be for the lost.

Go tell your story!

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