Pursuing the Gospel Book

For the past ten years, I have desired to write in an influential way in some capacity. Several years ago I started blogging on and off and have attempted numerous efforts in writing a book over the years. I was just never able to make it happen. After many failed attempts to gain momentum in my larger writing projects, I never gave up hope and believed that when I finally found the write subject to write on it would be fun, easy and meaningful. Pursuing the Gospel has been just that for me.

It’s has been so much fun talking with people about ideas surrounding evangelism and getting input from loved friends and family on things to cover in this book. Although it has been hard and frustrating at times, it has been easy because the Lord is genuinely at work. As I began writing He began to give me vision on what this project would look like and has supernaturally been giving me guidance and wisdom along the way. I don’t pray this book is meaningful because it already has been. I never in a million years would have thought that I would be “the one” to write a book on evangelism. My friends and family all know me as the worship guy. I should have been the one to write a book on that. But God has been showing me so much more about sharing the Gospel and has been equipping me so much along this journey. I pray that it transforms the minds and hearts of those who read it just as it has transformed mine.

What started out as a small EBook on evangelistic practicalities, has turned into a book that I believe will renew the minds of evangelism for those that turn its pages. 5 months into this journey and I’m more motivated and excited about putting it out into the world as I was on day one. The infatuation stage is over, hard work has and is still being poured into this project and I’m so happy to say that it’s almost done. To date, 75 percent of the book is written and I’m more driven now to complete it. I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel getting bigger every moment. Now I am running to the exit.

Evangelism is a practice that has been lost in today’s post-Christian culture. Tolerance has become the norm in our society and churches have fallen heavily into a “come and see” model of ministry vs. a “go and tell.” Pursuing the Gospel is being written to empower and equip Christians to walk outside and begin ministering the Gospel to whoever they encounter. Telling the Good News of Jesus is the only reason that we are here. We should all be ready and able to give our account of the Gospel whenever asked to do so. (1 Peter 3:15)

I am inviting you to join me on this journey for the next several months as I continue to write, throw ideas around and build a community of believers around this book as an effort to redeem evangelism in our western culture. If you have a heart for evangelism and you want to join me in this effort I would love for you to join my Facebook launch team. (<—click the link to be directed to it) We are discussing topics related to the book and bouncing ideas off of each other to project the success of getting this book into the hands of as many people as possible.

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Thank You and God Bless!


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