Everyday Evangelists

I was searching through Facebook the other day looking for a group of evangelists that I could join. I’m not talking about your average televangelist or traveling preacher. I wanted to find a group of people that I could converse with about what evangelism looks like in everyday life. I wanted to connect with others who have a heart for sharing the gospel and equipping others to do the same.

As I searched, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Since I couldn’t find anything, I decided to create one of my own:)

I’m a firm believer that initiating real conversation around evangelism will be an igniting factor in redeeming evangelism in our post-Christian culture. We need sharers of the truth who are willing and ready to step into their callings as evangelists, everywhere they go. We also need humble and teachable followers who are ready to learn and develop into the sharers of the gospel they were created to be. This is the place where this development can happen!

If you have a heart for reaching the lost and want to get better and sharing the love of Jesus in your daily life, feel free to click here and join our group. We are looking for people who want to converse about the gospel and how we can share it better! We would love to have you join the conversation:)

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