Extraterrestrial Christians

One thing I believe we can all agree on when it comes to the modern American Church is that it has made a very recent push to be relevant. And it’s done a very good job. I have even seen some churches use the word “relevant” in their updated name or their branding campaigns. As important as it is to connect to the lost and bring the relevance of the Gospel to their lives, I do think it is possible to take this idea of “relevance” too far.

Being relevant to the world doesn’t mean that we try to fit into the world, it means that we understand how Jesus wants to pull the world in and use the way we connect with the lost to reveal His goodness and glory. I’m afraid to say that many modern Christians look so much like the world, it’s hard to identify them as someone who has been with Jesus.

Jesus says this in Luke 17:16,

They do not belong to this world anymore than I do. (The Passion Translation) – Luke 17:16

As I passed by this verse a couple of days ago, I couldn’t help but wander back to the garden. When God walked with Adam in the garden in Genesis, Adam was exactly where he belonged; in perfect communion with God. After he ate and sin entered the picture, he no longer belonged there, so he was exiled.

Until Jesus arose from the grave, the world is exactly where we belonged. But no more. We as Christians are now foreigners to the realm of Earth that we live on. It’s no longer our objective to try and fit into a system of legalities or religion. Jesus made a way for us to be freed from that by removing the notion that we belong here altogether.

I believe many of us become stuck and unfulfilled because we are trying to fit into a world and group of people that we no longer belong to. It’s okay to look different, be treated differently, and not belong. You’re an alien here. It’s perfectly acceptable.

If we don’t belong here, why are we here?

Because we are now foreign to this world, we are supernatural to this world. Our capabilities and status are no longer normal on this planet in which we live. Therefore, we have a supernatural purpose here on earth. Our purpose shouldn’t look worldly. Our destinies have a much greater impact than anything we could ever accomplish here on Earth.

Since Jesus allows us to remain here when we don’t belong, it occurs to me that what we’re doing here goes further than our time on Earth. Since unity is the objective of God’s kingdom, and I no longer belong to this world, it’s my purpose to tell the story of Good News that allows the world to belong to the Kingdom I now call home. As the world believes in Jesus, they become unified with us in God’s family.

I encourage you, find joy in your work, your families, and the things the Lord allows you to enjoy here on Earth. Just know that as aliens to this world, our main purpose extends past our time here and thrusts into eternity. Preach the Gospel and share the Good News with those who still belong here. We won’t be in this strange land for long, but let’s be sure to do the work of God’s Kingdom while we still have the chance!

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