Sharing the Gospel with Someone Close

When we hear the word evangelism, we often think of talking to strangers about Jesus. Somewhere in the back of our minds we have relegated sharing the gospel only with those that we don’t know. I know for me it’s because I grew up in a church where a part of our monthly evangelism “outreach” was to go knocking on doors on a Wednesday night to invite people to church or tell them about the love of God for them.

Let’s not forget, however, that we have all have really close friends and relatives that need to hear the love of Jesus just the same. It’s often difficult to talk to those were are close to about Jesus for several reasons, one being we may not feel we have that kind of voice of influence in their lives. We also we don’t want to make sitting around the dinner at Thanksgiving awkward, or worse, we don’t want to lose that relationship in our lives.

None-the-less, the Lord has given you the ability to share the Gospel with these close friends and relatives Here are 3 things that will help you do it.

  1. Integrity – Supernatural things happen to our character when we are transformed by the Lord. When we push through and live like Christ in all areas of our lives, no matter what the cost, we are walking in integrity. 

    With this idea of sharing the Gospel with close people in our lives, it’s crucial that we are always walking in that integrity to keep a voice of influence in their lives and to eliminate any potential opportunity for them to see us as fake or hypocritical.

    We want to always reveal the goodness of the Lord inside of us and give the lost world something to hope for and believe in when they have conversations surrounding Jesus and the Gospel. If they see Christians acting like the world, they won’t have any reason to believe that there is any hope for change when they follow Jesus. 
  2. Your Testimony – It doesn’t matter who you are talking with or where you are, sharing Jesus should always include you telling others how He transformed your life. Someone you are close to may know events that happened in your life, but they may not know how Jesus did a supernatural work through them. Tell them again!

    While we sometimes think that sharing our story with those we are close with can be redundant, I have actually found that it resonates more with people that we know. Remember, you have a relationship with this person, they love you too! They empathize with your story as well and it can make a large impact on how they see how you were changed through it. 
  3. A Love Agenda – Let me unpack this because it’s obvious that love should be our main motivation. Many times we fail to share the Gospel with those that we know closely or intimately because we are afraid of what the relationship will look like after the conversation. We are afraid that it could turn awkward or even end. If a relationship is built on deep compassion and love for the other person, this won’t happen. 

    When someone close to you, just as anyone else, rejects the Gospel that you are sharing, they aren’t rejecting you. It doesn’t mean that they don’t value you as a friend or want to continue a relationship, it just means they reject the One you are telling them about. When your agenda is strictly loving that person, it creates avenues for you to continue your relationship as usual!

    We must remember that sharing the Gospel doesn’t have an agenda of getting someone to say a prayer or accept Christ. We just want to shower them with the love of Jesus. We want to talk about how Good He is and how Good He has been to us. We hope for a decision on their part, but we don’t push it. Any other agenda will come off as fake and even judgmental. It’s an agenda of love that will open hearts and eyes. It’s also the agenda that will allow people to see what God has truly done in your heart!

As we share the hope that is inside of us, combined with the way that we live our lives of integrity and God’s love, we will be effective in drawing the lost ones in our lives closer to Jesus. Sharing the Gospel with the close people in our lives can be intimidating at times, but it is so essential in stepping into God’s purpose for placing them into our lives. Go share your story with the lost ones in your family or your lifelong friends. You both will be glad that you did!

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